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Today we have a guest blog post from one of my great friends in the fitness industry, Triv Naidoo. Triv is one of the unheard of guys that is quietly going about his business helping people achieve some unbelievable transformations. Triv’s advice is seriously cutting edge and his training and nutrition protocols are next level. Today I wanted Triv to talk about ABS training and what way you should train your ABS to achieve a mid section like his! Take it away Triv!


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Triv : Thanks for having me on here to help your clients and readers of your blog! I have heard you get over 1000 people read each blog so if I can help 10% of you guys improve your ABS Training I will be quite happy! Most people miss the mark on most muscles when training them, especially ABS! There are several ares, angles and methods to develop rock hard popping abs but you must hit them right.


The Transverse Abdominis  is the inner abs which is the “core” and it recruited more for stability. The other area is the rectus abs which is the outer abs are the ones most people want to develop for aesthetics Now many who train abs during a sit up for example only hit the “TA” due to keeping the back arched and body straight during a sit up.


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The key to hitting the outer abs for that popping look is to round the body and crunch forward NOT arch the back to fuller contract the outer abs They should get PUMPED just like any muscle you target! For FULL abdominal development you want to train the top/middle AND lower abs. Crunches, swissball crunches and decline bench crunches hit the top/middle very well but once you can smash more than 20 with ease you would be best off LOADING up but perhaps holding a weight in your chest during the decline crunch OR doing rope crunches where you kneel in front a high pulley, select a weight and hold the rope on either side of your head and crunch over…this will hurt!


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For the lower abs your BEST bet is hanging leg raises where you hang off a bar and with your legs together raise them forward with a slight bend in your knees. Ensure you round your pelvis so you use your abs and NOT your hip flexors. I have included some sample training programmes below that you can do after your gym session or on a day off from lifting!



A – Hanging Leg Raises.  4 Sets – Max Reps

B – Crunches. 4 Sets – Max Reps

Rest 60 Seconds between sets



A.1 Hanging Leg Raises 4 Sets – Max Reps

No Rest Straight Into 

A.2 Standing Rope Crunches 4 Sets – 15 Reps 

After A.2 Rest for 90 Seconds


OPTION 3 – TRI SETS (You may feel extreme abdominal pain!!!!)

A.1 Hanging Leg Raises 4 Sets – Max Reps

No Rest

A.2 Decline Crunches 4 Sets – 15 Reps

No Rest

A.3 Rope Crunches 4 Sets – 15 Reps

Rest 2 Mins after A.3


A.H : Thanks Triv that was brilliant and I am sure my readers will now begin to understand that achieving rock hard abs is not rocket science. The fastest way to achieve ABS like Triv is to clean up your diet and focus on getting lean. Once lean and starting to show signs of ABS, then adding in the above exercises will make thos abs POP!!

Triv has put together a 16 Week Transformation programme with myself where he will personally write your training and nutrition programmes for the next 16 Weeks. We will both be coaching you in our private members group to make sure you achieve an amazing transformation. This is an online programme where you will be following Trivs training and nutrition for 16 Weeks and can expect to lose up to 10% bodyfat following his unique methods.


To your health!




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