Inspirational Weight Loss Story

What are your reasons for going to the gym or hiring a personal trainer? This is a question I ask my clients and the reply is generally one of the following

5 ways to boost your metabolism

You have probably heard the term metabolism before and understand what it means but for those of you that dont in simple terms it is the amount of energy your body burns to maintain itself. There are many chemical reactions that happen inside your body that affect metabolism. Muscle and fat affect metabolism – muscle uses more calories than fat …


How do you determine somebody is successfull from average Joe ? Tricky question to answer. Many people see people with money as the most successfull people, this can be partly true as they have obviously worked hard for their money, others see someone who has won trophies etc as being successful, others see happiness as being the key but then …

Top 10 nutritional mistakes women make

A great article from a friend of ours and fellow PICP level 3 coach Kassem Hanson on the top 10 nutritional mistakes women make. Kassem is an extremely knowledgable guy who we learnt loads from during our time in America.

Healthy Pina Colada

We have been getting quite a lot of emails and questions from people in the Gym about healthy snacks. You probably fall into this category too (not many people dont!) and find it hard to know whats good for you between meals. You may also have seen many debates on various websites about fruit and is it actually that good for us.

Vitamin D

This morning whilst watching BBC news (a rarity!) a very important topic came on. It was about a young boy who had Rickets disease (a bone disease). The doctors treating the boy decided to try to heal him with vitamin D and suprise suprise it worked and he was showing great improvements in his recovery!

Longford Town Fc Pre Season Fitness Testing

Saturday morning at 7.30am and we were on our way to Leixlip where Longford Town are based for pre season. We pay fine attention to detail and wanted to make sure we arrived with plenty of time to spare incase of any glitches with our high tech fitness testing equipment. A few nervous looks from the lads as we set out the laser beam speed timing gates which are accurate to 1000th of a second!

Would you LIKE results or do you WANT results?

What do you think when you read the question above? Maybe you see them both as the same or maybe you know the difference between the two. My aim today is to explain what each means and why it is relevant to you.

Xmas Day Swim 2011

The anual christmas day swim took part on Balbriggan beach again this year and it was amazing to see such a large turnout of swimmers and observers. It was great to see so many members from ProFitness Gym either swimming or supporting. It was even more special because we were swimming in aid of ‘Remember Us’ an excellent charity who help a member of our Gym and some other ProFitness Gym members took the plunge in aid of another friend of ours

ProFitness Training @ De Francos Gym

The first part of our session was our warm up which focused on many mobility exercises which really loosened us up. We did numerous med ball exercises and some jumps. We thought having played professional sport ourselves that our vertical jump scores would be good! We were poor in relation to what these guys could jump!