10 Fat Loss Tips We Learned From Charles Poliquin

Yesterday (saturday ) we were in London for day one of a two day seminar with Charles Poliquin. It has been about 2 years since we learned from Charles so it was great to attend this event. It was hosted by Nick Mitchell in the Hilton hotel.

Day one was all about Fat Loss and I have about 30 pages of notes so I am going to pick out 10 things of the many that I learned and I hope they can help you in your goal to reach your fat loss goals.   




1. Their are 4 main Factors that stop people leaning out. 

– Malnutrition 

– Stress

– Pollution

– Lack Of Sleep


2. Irish and Uk people don’t get any Vitamin D for many months of the year which causes severely low levels. Low levels of vitamin D are linked to many diseases and health issues. You should get a blood test to determine this. If its below 50 its low and the average in Uk is 9 which is a big dificiency. Vitamin D3 is the best source of it and you should ramp up your levels quickly with high dosages. This will also improve liver function. All detoxification genes in body rely on D3.

3. You wont get someone to lose fat long term without structured cheat meal/day. This is something all our clients do and if you check our Facebook page you will see how they eat sugary foods in a structured way to help them achieve great fat loss. This is something many people find hard to get their head around but this will lead to accelerated long term results – you refill the depleted glycogen stores which make you far more efficient at metabolising fat for energy. 

4. You must have saturated fats in the diet. Proper ones like coconut oil and real butter. You will not absorb minerals and vitamins without saturated fats present.

5. You deserve a full refuel day (cheat day ) if you are a man below 10% bodyfat and a woman below 16% bodyfat – you must eat your protein first at these meals however!

6. Foreign estrogens which I blog about regularly are highly linked to breast cancer. Increasing Vitamin B9 and B12 and B6 after that can help those exposed to these foreign estrogens over a long period (someone living in a built up city would be one of those) 

7. Turn off your wifi at night – its extremely bad for you and also for kids brains and can lead to autism. Mobile phones should be turned off and you should use an old school battery powered alarm clock to wake you up! I need to work on point 7 a lot! 

8. Intermittent fasting is very bad for womens endocrine system. Women should also increase their carbs around menstrual cycle and calories can increase 25 – 40% (which includes chocolate ) and this will be something we will be advising our female clients on this. 

9. Green tea is good but not from tea bags which are bleached, they use a lot of chlorine and this can cause lots of health problems including cancer, so for those of you drinking lots of green tea i would advise using Clipper or a good organic brand!

10. A simple free test for a food intolerance is to avoid it for two weeks then eat it again after that – if you feel crap (bloated, fatigued ets) then you are best off avoiding that. If you want to get a proper test done there are some good company’s who do this. It can help you achieve faster results!


Charles is a genius in his field and answered every question in depth. The last time we spoke to him he was 700 quid an hour so getting to ask him anything we wanted over 7/8 hours was pretty cool! The above are just 10 handpicked notes from 30 pages so there are many other things i did not include. Today is a hypertrophy(muscle building) seminar with Charles. This is really his forte so i should have ten more valuable pieces of information for you tonight! 

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